This Family’s Matching Outfits Will Inspire Your Next Photoshoot

posted: 11/14/17
by: Kristine Boyd

With the holiday's coming up, many families are scrambling to take professional photos to have around the house and to put on their holiday cards. However, one blogger is giving families the idea that these photoshoots don't have to be professional, fancy or extravagant. Lifestyle and mom blogger, Sina or Happy Grey Lucky, takes adorable family photos for every occasion. Whether it's the first day of school, Halloween or just a lazy day at home, Sina is documenting it. The best part about this family's photos are the matching outfits. Each member of the family has the same items of clothing on from cute beanies all the way down to matching shoes, making these pictures even more adorable!

Most of these photoshoots are done right in Sina's home, proving you don't need a professional studio to take amazing family pictures. All you need is good lighting and a camera that has a timer! Sina has inspired her followers to take more photos with their families to commemorate life's special moments. These photos have become a trend on Sina's Instagram page and she continues to post them using the hashtag #familyonchairs. Her adorable photos only leave her followers inspired and wanting to do the same with their families.

Too much Monday, not enough coffee. ?? (Especially for the youngest member of our family, it seems. ?) . My hubby and I spent the weekend at my 10-year college reunion (yes, I know I just dated myself ?), which basically meant twice as much alcohol and half as much sleep. Also known as the standard Queen's University experience ?. So it's only fitting that we're wearing the circa 2005 college student uniform for this week's #familyonchairs: sweats, Uggs, a beanie (because I definitely didn't know about dry shampoo until this mom gig), and drinking an extra large Tim Horton's coffee. ??? I was also going to add discmans to the pic but that would probably just confuse 50% of the Instagram population, so I decided to forgo that little detail. Same with the Motorola Razr that all the cool kids had back then. Ahh, the days before Apple took over. Fun times. ? . (And, before anyone asks, there's only coffee in two of the four cups, not to worry. ?)

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Who says you need to dress up to take a good family picture? Have your family throw on matching pajamas and set a self-timer on your camera. These pictures will allow your family to shine and be themselves! This is a great idea, not just for the holidays, but any time of the year! If you're in need of more outfit inspiration, check out these tips for dressing your family for a fall photoshoot!