Shower Them With Love: Ways to Show Your Kids Love Every Day Leading Up to Valentine’s Day

posted: 02/03/17
by: Amanda Mushro
kids on valentines day

Valentine's Day is not just hearts and candy but a fun holiday where we tell the ones we love how much we adore them. So when it comes to our kids, don't wait until the 14th to shower them with love! Here's five ways to make every day leading up to Valentine's Day filled with sweetness and love.

Love Notes- Start this tradition tomorrow morning! Leave a love note taped to your child's bedroom door telling them why they are so special and why you love them. From "you make me laugh every day" to "I love how you are so kind to you sister," kids of all ages will enjoy this new Valentine's Day tradition. Get the whole family in on the love note fun and help younger kid write love notes too.

Cupid's Kitchen- Turn any meal into Valentine's Day fun by serving up their favorite food in heart shapes. From pancakes to pizza and even fruit, you can use a heart shaped cookie cutter to turn regular meals into food fit for Cupid's Kitchen. When it comes to dessert, fruit or small treats on a skewer becomes Cupid's arrow.

One-On-One Date Night- In the days leading up to Valentine's Day, plan a special day with each of your children separately. Whether it's a special lunch and a movie or dinner and an adventure with just you, they will love having your undivided attention and you'll love getting quality time with each of your kids.

Cover the House in Hearts- Even if crafts make you nervous, don't worry, all you need to do is cut out hearts. Grab some red and pink paper and string hearts together to make a garland. Just be sure to have everyone sign their names and write the year so when you bring these decorations out next year, you can talk about sweet memories from every Valentine's Day you've had together.

Snuggle Up- Get some extra cuddles and snuggles with a family movie night where you watch Valentine's Day themed kid's movies. Pop some popcorn and sprinkle in candy or red sprinkles for extra sweetness.

Do Something Good- Spread the love and use this love filled holiday to volunteer with your children. Help out a neighbor or collect supplies for a local charity.