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In Bill and Jen's book "Life Is Short (No Pun Intended): Love, Laughter, and Learning to Enjoy Every Moment," the Little Couple shares special stories about their childhoods, careers, romance and family. Get a little taste of the book in its introduction below!
posted: 05/18/15
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When we first entertained the idea of writing a book, we weren't entirely convinced that our lives would be of interest to others outside the sphere of our family and friends, and perhaps some colleagues. And maybe some viewers of our television show. And, okay, a few people from the Little People community as well. And did we mention our moms?

But in fact, the process of working on this book has been a truly illuminating experience for us. It has enabled us to look back and recognize incidents, coincidences, and intersections, uncovered gems and discovered patterns, challenges faced and obstacles overcome. We've discovered remarkable parallels in each other's lives that serve to reinforce what a sacred treasure our life trajectories have been, what a blessing it is that we have found each other (especially after repeated near misses throughout our lives, as you'll see).

So yes, we have learned so very much in the process of working on this book, which makes sharing our stories--and our story (since you'll see we are two different people but we are also in many ways one)--more rewarding than we'd imagined possible. We may at first glance seem different, but maybe you'll find we're not as different as you might think. We realized that regardless of our stature, our journey has a lot in common with other stories of people who have overcome great obstacles or challenges--as well as other great romance stories of people whose love transcended the odds of their circumstances.

As parents, it has been so moving to revisit our own childhoods and talk to loved ones about those years. Yes, ours is a tale of two people born with a physical disability that could have defined us. But instead we thrived and flourished, mostly because of the love and support of our families. They had to conquer so many fears and make so many personal sacrifices to make sure our opportunities were boundless. They were the ones who made sure we understood that our physical limitations should never compromise our dreams, that we could achieve anything we set our minds to. Because they believed in us, we believed in ourselves, too. And as a result of those beliefs, we achieved even more than we ever dreamed of. And now, with our own children, we get to put those hard-earned beliefs into practice.

One really fun aspect of our story is just how parallel our lives had been. We were both born with the same type of dwarfism and we had both received treatment at the very same hospitals and from the very same doctors, sometimes even at the very same time. In fact, as you'll read later, we had even met as children. That first encounter was followed by a string of near misses and close encounters over the ensuing years that in retrospect may seem too oddly coincidental to be true. But when we finally did meet, we recognized each other as soul mates, destined to be together. As we got to know each other, we were amazed at the parallel emotional journeys we had taken as well--as you will see in these pages.

In short (no pun intended), this book has given us the rare opportunity to step back and look at how character and events weave our lives together, and provide new insights into each other and ourselves. We may continue to juggle crises--challenges growing our family, Jen's recent cancer, Bill's more recent surgeries--but having found and built a life with each other makes us feel equipped with superpowers to battle anything that comes our way.

So, we are thankful--thankful that we have each other, and thankful for our kids, our family and friends, colleagues, and what feels like a great extended family of viewers. And we are thankful for you, dear reader.

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