Newlyweds Lose Nearly 600 Pounds Together Before Tying the Knot

posted: 05/18/17
by: Blythe Copeland
Ronnie Brower and Fiance
Facebook/Ronnie Brower

When strangers Ronnie Brower and Andrea Masella joined their local gym, they were both focusing on losing weight and developing a healthy lifestyle. But losing a combined 578 pounds wasn't the only major life change they made: The couple met each other and fell in love at the gym, too, and were married last weekend.

Brower joined the gym in 2013 weighing 675 pounds, determined to lose 425 in the two years he had until his 30th birthday. He almost made it -- he lost 415 -- and beat his addictions to pills, alcohol, and overeating. Brower's personal trainer, Nick Murphy, told him that he'd find a partner who was as passionate about health and fitness as Brower was -- a prediction that came true when Brower met Masella. She had joined the gym in 2014, weighing in at 250 pounds; she's since lost 130 pounds. "Both of us came from a place where food was our coping mechanism," Masella told Syracuse.com. "We've gone through counseling and have figured out why we ate that way."

On their first date, the couple hit the gym together, playing basketball and ping pong. And when they got married, trainer Nick Murphy stood up as Brower's best man. "This is a story you could make a move about," he said, "It's a match made in heaven."

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