Moscow Mule Mugs Might Be Poisonous! Here’s How to Tell if Yours are Safe

posted: 08/08/17
by: Amanda Mushro

If a Moscow Mule is your drink of choice, you need to check your copper mugs because according to a new report, many of the famous mugs come with major health concerns.

Health officials of the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division released a news bulletin that said they examined what happens when copper mixes with food. While the ginger beer, vodka, and lime juice cocktail looks pretty fancy in the signature copper mug, the results of the test weren't good for your health.

According to their study, the copper mixing with a Moscow Mule can cause food poisoning. While no one wants to feel the effects of a hangover, you really don't want food poisoning from the mug! "When copper and copper alloy surfaces contact acidic foods, copper may be leached into the food," according to the Alcoholic Beverages Division's statement. Moscow Mule drinkers might be left with stomach pains, diarrhea, vomiting and even yellowing of the skin.

The state has gone so far as adopting a new federal FDA code that "prohibits copper from coming into direct contact with foods that have a pH below 6.0." Sorry, Moscow Mule fans, but the pH of a traditional Moscow Mule is well below 6.0. This means copper mugs with a copper interior can't be used to serve up drinks. They even added other beverages to the list that rank below a 6.0 reading: fruit juice, vinegar and wine.

Fortunately there is an easy fix. While the outside of your mug can be copper, grab new mugs that are lined with a different metal like nickel or stainless steel. Cheers to a healthy mug and a delicious drink!