How to Boost Your Morning Coffee and Make it Healthier

posted: 02/27/17
by: TLCme
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If your day has to start with a cup of coffee, you aren't alone. Over 82% of coffee lovers say they enjoy a good cup of java every morning. However, if you're loading up your coffee with lots creamer, sugar or sweeteners, you are quickly turning your beloved coffee into an unhealthy drink. And while your coffee tastes amazing, gives you a boost of energy, and helps you focus, you will derail your healthy eating plan with a simple cup of coffee, especially when you drink a few cups every day. Taking your coffee black is an acquired taste, but if you are looking for healthier options that still taste delicious and won't make you cut back on your favorite morning drink, try these swaps.

Make Your Coffee at Home- Even though you love your daily visits to your local coffee shop and the baristas know exactly how to create the perfect caramel macchiato, if you want a healthier morning drink, stick to making your own coffee. This way you can control the type of coffee and sweeteners you add into your coffee. Plus, your wallet will thank you!

Skip the Sweeteners- Instead of loading up your cup of Joe with sugar or artificial sweeteners, you can still get a sweet taste but without all the calories and chemicals. So rather than reaching for your sugar bowl, reach for your spices instead and try adding cinnamon or coco for healthier options. Both will sweeten your coffee and have health benefits to give your coffee a boost. Instead of using calorie laden syrups, a little vanilla extract will give your coffee a sweet taste.

Add Coconut Oil or Almond Milk- Instead of pouring in the flavored creamers, half and half, or milk to give your coffee a creamy taste, opt for coconut oil or almond milk instead. This swap will help save on calories and unhealthy ingredients and additives in flavored creamers.

Eat While You Sip- Before we get that caffeine buzz, grab something to nibble on while you sip. Because coffee sends signals to your body to release sugar into your bloodstream, drinking coffee on an empty stomach can cause a major drop in blood sugar. Which no one wants, especially in the morning? So to avoid an energy eat something while you drink your coffee.