Celebrity Moms: They’re Just Like Us?

posted: 05/08/15
by: Blythe Copeland
Amy Poehler is a down-to-earth celebrity mom.
Amy Poehler is honest about the challenges of motherhood.

Although every kid is different, so much of the experience of mothering is universal. Of course, when you're rocking a newborn with baby spit-up in your hair, or chasing your preschooler across the mall, or potty training your toddler, the experience of mothering feels decidedly unglamorous-- and it's hard to imagine that the most famous women in the world have been right where you are. Here are just a few of their thoughts on balancing work and parenting, dealing with cranky kids, and the moments that all moms have in common.

"When you're a stay-at-home mother you have to pretend it's really boring, but it's not. It's enriching and fulfilling, and an amazing experience. And then when you're a working mother you have to pretend that you feel guilty all day long." --Amy Poehler (to Glamour magazine)

"There's something really empowering about going, 'Hell, I can do this! I can do all this!' That's the wonderful thing about mothers, you can because you must, and you just do." -- Kate Winslet (on the Today show)

"I've learned the value of absorbing the moment. I remember the first time Ripley saw her shadow. My God, it was like shadows had just been invented. It was the most exquisite moment." -- Thandie Newton (in Good Housekeeping)

"If you've never been hated by your child, you've never been a parent." --Bette Davis (from Mom Candy: 1,000 Quotes of Inspiration for Mothers)

"Every once in a while I'll have one of those days when I've fed the fish, cleaned 10 poops from the patio, taken the cat to the vet, sewn my son's stupid karate stars on until my fingers bleed and made sure that he has everything, and he wakes up and goes, 'Oh, what's for breakfast?' He doesn't know, and why should he?" --Jodie Foster (People)

"My goal is to be present. In whatever I do. If I am with the kids, I don't want to be typing on my BlackBerry under the table, and if I am talking to someone, I am not feeling bad because I am not going to Chuck E. Cheese's with my kids. I schedule my life in a way that I can do that. If I am overscheduled, I never really feel good wherever I am because I am thinking, I should be here doing this." --Cindy Crawford (in Redbook)

"Our kids need to be allowed to have a bad day. And you need to show them that it's okay to have the whole range of emotions. You should have it all: rage and anger and sadness, so there is a lot of room for joy and happiness as well." --Jennifer Garner (to People)

"I would love to be doing this with a partner, and I want Yoby to have a father figure. But I also know that putting that kind of pressure on myself or on a relationship would be disastrous. It's funny--my married friends tell me all the time, 'What you have is so much easier.' When you're doing it on your own, you don't have to [argue over] how you're raising the kids."--Connie Britton (in Redbook)

"When Valentina was not even 1 month old, my aunt [gave me the best advice]: 'Put her to sleep yourself every night. Sing to her and cradle her in your arms and sit by her side -- every night. Because one day you won't be able to, and it's going to happen really fast." --Salma Hayek (Good Housekeeping)

"Like any mother, I am just hoping that I don't mess them up." --Michelle Obama (to People)