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10 Celebrities We Wish Could Be Our Bridesmaids

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by: Stefani Newman

If you're an avid supporter of environmental causes and avoid all animal-based foods (or if you just really love the "Star Wars" prequels or movies about tragic ballerinas), Natalie Portman is your go-to celebrity bridesmaid. She's vegan, eco-friendly, adorable, an incredible actress and, well, adorable. This Oscar-winning new mom says "no" to fur and leather, opting for more environmentally friendly materials like canvas and satin. She also sports a green engagement ring, complete with conflict-free diamonds and recycled platinum.

Portman's not one to be outrageous in speech or attire, and we believe she'd bring an air of quiet sophistication to your wedding. She would also keep the event's carbon footprint to a minimum by helping you find eco-friendly dresses, flowers and everything else, all with the grace and charm she's famous for.

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