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posted: 10/07/13
by: TLC

Getting engaged can be one of the most magical times of your life -- until you start planning the wedding. Faced with guest lists, family input, vendor choices and budgeting decisions, your days can quickly change from blissful to stressful!

To pull off the day of your dreams, you have to learn a little of everything, from photography to flowers. And then there's the most important part: your wedding day style. Tulle? Chignon? Melee? What do these terms even mean? And do they even apply to you? offers a crash course in all that sparkles, bustles, twists and curls. In a series of illustrated glossaries, you'll learn the language of rings, become an expert on wedding dresses and brush up on bridal hairstyles. And most importantly, you'll gain the knowledge you need to make choices about your perfect day.

Enroll in Bridal School by studying these must-know terms, then take the final exam. Share your results with friends and let everyone know you're the smartest bride on the block! Get started here.

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