Born in September? Study Says September Babies are more Successful

posted: 09/08/17
by: Amanda Mushro
Kids play in autumn park. Children throwing yellow and red leaves. Little boy with oak and maple leaf. Fall foliage. Family outdoor fun in autumn. Toddler kid or preschooler child in fall.

September is the month that ushers in cooler weather, beautiful fall foliage, and of course, pumpkin spice everything. September and all of its fall wonders could also be the perfect month to have a baby. According to science, September babies are often more successful than their peers.

In a new study from researchers at the University of Toronto, the University of Florida, and Northwestern University, babies born in the month of September tend to be more academically successful once they start school. Can the month your child is born really determine the type of success they will have once they enter the school building? It seems like their birth month can determine success.

Researchers studied data of about 1 million public school students born in Florida from 1994 to 2000. Florida--as well as 18 other states--have a cut-off birthdate for starting kindergarten as September 1. So when children enter their kindergarten classrooms, September babies are the oldest in their class. These extra months often help with development and adjustment to school. This study also found that babies born in August tend to struggle more in school because they are the youngest students and often less mature.

The benefits of being a September baby seem to last well beyond their kindergarten year. Researchers found that September babies are more likely to go to college and less likely to go to jail for juvenile crimes.

So if you are a September baby, go ahead and brag a bit about this information and if you are a mom-to-be and you were pregnant all summer long, now you can say it was all worth it!