Back to School Shopping Hacks to Save You Money and Time

posted: 08/09/17
by: Amanda Mushro

#LifeHacks: Back To School Lunches

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Life Hacks expert Amanda Mushro dishes on all her tips and tricks for making school year lunches quick and easy.

Back to school shopping can mean spending big bucks if you are a parent. In fact, the National Retail Federation estimates that parents will spend nearly $83.6 billion on back to school shopping this school year! That's a lot of pencils and notebooks. So to save a few dollars, time, and your sanity, here are a few backs to school shopping hacks to get the job done without burning a hole in your wallet.

Watch Rotating Sales- Usually stores will change what items are on sale each week during the back to school shopping season. So rather than going out and buying everything at once, choose to purchase only the items that are on sale that week. If school supplies are on sale this week, grab those. Next week if it is shoes, grab shoes and keep an eye on sale flyers and emails to see what you can save big on next week.

Check Unlikely Stores- Instead of hitting the normal stores for school supplies, try craft stores that offer great sales and money saving coupons on the items you will find on your child's school supply list. Also, you might be surprised at the number of items you can check off your child's supply list at your local dollar stores. From cleaning supplies, snacks, and tons of school supplies, you can save big and spend a little.

Wait to Buy Clothes- It can be tempting to buy clothes to last your kids through fall and winter before school starts, but retailers tend to put fall and winter clothes on sale as soon as school is back in session. So skip the clothes shopping until your kids are already in school--unless you can find the items for 40% off. For the first few weeks they can wear summer clothes or a few new items you purchased rather than having a closet full of clothes that aren't in season yet.

Find-Tax Free Holidays- Many states offer tax free weekends and this is the perfect time to stock up on school supplies and other items.

Compare Price Matching Policies- If you don't have the time to travel to several different stores, choose the store with the best price match policy. This way you get what you need at the price you want.

Shop Alone- While your kids might want to shop with you, there is a good chance you'll spend less money if they aren't with you. If you shop solo, you are more likely to scoop up deals and not grab the more pricy items your kids will be begging for you to buy. Let them choose items like their bookbag and lunch box, but shop alone for other items.

Go for the Multi-Pack Items- If you are school shopping for more than one kid, often you can save money if you opt for the larger multi-pack item and then split the items between your kids. This works great for scissors, pencils, and glue sticks.