7 Reasons Why Taking Cold Showers Could Change Your Life

posted: 10/25/17
by: Kristine Boyd
Shot of a young woman having a refreshing shower against a blue background

As we approach the cooler months, taking a cold shower probably seems like the last thing you want to do. However, the facts tell us that more people should be taking these icy showers. From helping you get a good night sleep to reducing symptoms of depression, taking a cold shower might just be everything you need. No need to keep the water cold for the duration of your shower. Many see the benefits by simply turning the water to cold in the last few minutes of their shower. It may seem like the last thing you want to do, but don't knock it until you try it!

  1. Reduces Stress

The shock that your body feels from jumping into a cold shower increases your tolerance to stress. By taking cold showers your body experiences a small increase in oxidative stress, resulting in reduced overall stress. When your body experiences stimulus to an extreme cold environment, studies have shown that our glutathione levels are dramatically affected. Glutathione is a hormone that controls the amount of stress we feel. If you ever need to relax, jumping in a cold shower will do the trick!

Happy young woman wiping hair with towel in bathroom
2. Cold Showers Burn Fat

Taking a cold shower is going to be your new favorite workout. By being in a cold water, your body has to work hard order to keep you warm. When your body is exposed to cold environments it activates your brown fat (the fat that keeps up warm) in order to regulate your body temperature. This increases your metabolism and burns calories while your showering!

3. Wakes You Up

It is no surprise that jumping into an ice-cold shower is going to wake you up in the morning. Having cold water pour over you is going to take your breath away, forcing you to take deep breaths. This is going to improve circulation of blood to the brain, giving you a natural dose of energy. Once you handle a cold shower, you will feel like you can tackle anything the day throws at you!

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4. Puts You to Sleep

Just as cold showers help wake you up, at night they will help you go to sleep. You will get out of your shower after a long day feeling stress-free and your muscles will feel relaxed. Studies show that cold therapy is one of the best ways to get a good night sleep. No more tossing and turning all night.

5. Relieves Depression Symptoms

This might be one of the most beneficial effects from taking a cold shower. Cold showers stimulate our "blue spot," in the brain. This is the brains primary source of noradrenaline, which is a chemical that plays a vital role in relieving the symptoms of depression. The cold water also sends electrical impulses to the peripheral nerve endings in our brains resulting in increased mood!

brain, thinking concept
6. Improve Skin & Hair

Taking hot showers is one of life's little pleasures. Unfortunately, hot water hitting our hair and skin is extremely damaging. Hot water dries out your skin, sometimes causing itchiness or rashes. It can also dry out your hair making it unmanageable and frizzy. By taking a cooler shower a few times a week you will notice more hydrated skin and shiny hair!

7. Muscle Recovery

You've probably heard about athletes taking ice baths after a hard workout or big game. This is your at-home, less intense, version of an ice bath. Cold therapy helps your muscles to recover faster. The cold water helps increase circulation, break up the lactic acid and help with soreness overall. If you ever are sore from a hard workout, try this out!


Two young people doing squats in the gym
Taking an ice-cold shower might sound crazy, but the benefits speak for themselves. Just a few minutes at the end of your normal shower can make a huge difference. Make your shower more than just about cleaning and give cold showers a chance!