6 Iced Tea Recipes Perfect for Summer

posted: 07/11/16
by: Blythe Copeland

Iced tea is the ideal summer drink: It's cold and refreshing, it has just enough caffeine to perk you up without the heavy jolt of a hot coffee, and -- most importantly -- it's delicious on its own or as a flavorful companion to fruity and herbal flavors. Try one of these six tasty recipes to give your standard brew a summery makeover.

1. Sweet Tea

Sweet tea is a Southern standard that you don't have to be from below the Mason-Dixon line to appreciate. This recipe for classic sweet tea from Julie at the Pioneer Woman starts with regular brewed tea that gets its sweet taste from simple syrup and one unexpected ingredient: baking soda, which she promises will give the finished product a smoother taste.

2. Coconut Thai Iced Tea

Dana at the Minimalist Baker created this dairy-free version of traditional Thai iced tea by substituting coconut milk for regular cow's milk. With just a few other simple ingredients -- black tea, vanilla, sweetener -- she recreated this creamy, lightly sweetened beverage into an all-natural, vegan drink.

3. Pineapple Iced Tea

Country singer Trisha Yearwood -- who also hosts her own cooking show, Trisha's Southern Kitchen -- gave classic tea a tropical twist by adding pineapple. The juice from canned pineapple chunks goes into a pitcher with sugar and water; then pour hot tea over it and combine. The real genius here, though, comes from freezing those pineapple chunks and using them in place of ice cubes for a natural chill that won't water down your drink.

4. Honey Mint Iced Green Tea

For a lighter taste, use green tea instead of black, and add sweetness and flavor with honey and mint according to this recipe from Will Cook for Smiles. The milder tea is a subtle backdrop for the honey and mint, and the combination is especially refreshing on hot days.

5. Raspberry Peach Iced Tea

If you like your fruit-infused teas with all the usual flavors of summer, try raspberry peach iced tea from Damn Delicious. Pureed raspberries, peaches, and agave nectar strained and whisked into brewed tea are garnished with more fruit and mint leaves to taste like "spring in a glass".

6. Jasmine Ginger Coolers

Iced jasmine tea is the base for these jasmine ginger coolers from Brit+Co (though you can substitute green tea if you prefer). Brew the teabags with boiled water, ginger, and sugar, and then add fresh-squeezed lemon juice and lime juice for a bright, citrus-infused take on plain tea.